Coachella Valley DUI and Drug Attorney

CoachellaFest is Back!

After a covid virus break saw the cancellation of the past two years of the Coachella Music Festival, it is finally coming back with few, if any, covid restrictions to be enforced.

Will You be there this year to party?

Do you want to have the best time ever? YES?

Then don’t get yourself arrested!

As the best drug and alcohol case attorneys in the Coachella Valley, your safety and enjoyment during your festival experience is our chief concern at the Jimenez Law Offices.

That is why we have devoted a section of our website and several previous blog articles to how to avoid arrest and a subsequent prosecution for drug and alcohol related felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses.

For the past fourteen years we have carefully studied and compiled information and reports concerning law enforcement activity, methods, practices and statistics related to arrests for drugs, alcohol and their related issues.


As the best local drug and alcohol attorneys in Riverside County we have represented hundreds of good people, like yourself, who have been arrested during the Coachella Music Festival and the Stagecoach Musical Festival.

The hundreds of arrests have included possession, sales (including just giving or providing drugs to someone at no cost) and use of various types of drugs (both prescription and street), possession of alcohol by a minor, providing alcohol to a minor (even by a parent) and possession of a fake identification (when someone is trying to get a wristband to be able to buy alcohol or hangout with the adults in the venue).

Coachella Police Arrests

In February of 2018 we started providing you important tips in our website news articles (blogs) on how you could detect undercover cops in the Coachella venue.

Those tips also included what to do when contacted by a cop at the festival venue or in the camping and parking areas of the festival and what to say and not to say when detained or arrested by law enforcement at the festival.

You should go back and read those articles here in this website. And if you have read them before, go back and read them again. When you are out partying and having the best time of your life, and you are then confronted by a cop, you want to be able to react appropriately and remember what you read here about what your Constitutional ri