Arrested at Coachella?

This is not just a party, this is a fest for the local police. At no other music festival in the world are so many fun loving party people arrested for crimes ranging from drug use, possession and sales, under age alcohol use, drunk in public, possession of a fake drivers license or false ID, indecent exposure, lewd activity, assault, resisting arrest, battery and a variety of whatever else the cops can dream up. We are not making this up, as we have represented good people like yourself from almost every state in the union, Canada, China, England and Mexico who have found themselves in jail for having too much fun. If you’re arrested at Coachella, make sure that you have proper representation.

We are the most experienced Coachella Fest attorneys in the Coachella Valley as we have seen it all and know what the best defense is to any case that comes to us. Corporate counsel, parents, roommates, brothers, sisters…all have called us first, and last, for their friend, relative or client who needs the best local counsel possible. In fact, John has an AV rating (the highest possible) by Martindale and Hubbell that represents a preeminent ranking by attorneys and judges because of his proven skill, experience and 44 years of criminal defense practice.

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