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DUI Defense

Recently while a client and I were killing time waiting for court to go into session, the client asked me why we so often discuss in our website blog that someone looking for a DUI defense lawyer should always look for the best attorney available. She wondered if that might not be dangerous if someone checked us out and thought that perhaps we weren’t the best fit for their particular DUI defense needs.

She further speculated that maybe the inquisitive criminally accused might have a unique crime problem that didn’t appear to fit into our experience and expertise as we outline concerning ourselves in our website. I responded to her by asking her if she had some particular type of offense in mind that she thought may not fit into our vast areas of experience and expertise.

She thought a moment and then said,

“What if it is a case of someone driving under the influence of Fentanyl who gets into an accident and injures a passenger and then leaves the scene of the accident. After all, Fentanyl is not so common a drug now that there may not be a lot of DUI arrests for it yet, and causing injury in an accident and hit-and-run are not all that common.”