So you want to slap him or her around just once….

jimenez-law-fighting-coupleWell, if that is your current mood, then you better read this. If you in any way assault or batter your spouse, partner, significant other of any kind, or someone you share a child with, then you may get arrested. When you do, you will be looking for the best domestic violence lawyer to keep you out of jail and avoid other severe consequences that will occur.

Domestic violence (DV) arrests are on the rise. They are quickly taking over DUI’s as the most popular charge resulting in a court filing of formal charges by the district attorney’s office.

There are various reasons why this is true. The mood of the country and our society at large is to place the blame for whatever goes wrong on someone else…not on ourselves. When the police get called to a domestic dispute, they want to blame someone for the call so they are going to arrest one party or the other. Someone must be to blame for the ‘911′ call made about the dispute.

There is also a huge money incentive for the prosecution of domestic violence ca